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At Ecus, we have been providing consultation, advice and administration in the field of customs and tax since the year 2000.

We help to streamline our customers' international trading activities through customised solutions and personal service. Founded in Strömstad in the year 2000, Ecus was one of the first Swedish companies to become connected to the Norwegian customs data system, TVINN, without being established in Norway. In 2006 we gained certification in accordance with the Swedish Customs Service Stairway concept, with all procedures quality assured. Ecus also gained Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification on 13 January 2009.

The company has offices in Ed, Gothenburg, Strömstad, Svinesund, Halden, Oslo and Hirtshals, in Denmark. Our customs clearance experts have extensive knowledge of regulations and logistics in the field of cross-border trade, with some having worked for Swedish Customs previously. The Ecus team is highly skilled across a wide range of areas, including customs auditing, classification and customs warehousing, etc., and boasts several years of combined experience in the industry.

We always make sure to familiarise ourselves with our customers' work-flows and needs in order to offer competitive advantages through customised, optimised customs solutions which dovetail with the company's existing logistics strategy.

Our customers include small and large companies who demand high standards when it comes to availability and personal service.


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