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Consultation – experts on customs clearance.

ECUS Konsulter boasts several years' experience in the area of business development and streamlining customs clearance. Our expertise allows us to quickly pinpoint and minimise complexities in our customers' customs operations, providing a platform for achieving savings – based on the customer's specific activities – as well as systems and relevant products.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of consultancy as well as helping our customers pursue skills development, which is essential in order to remain competitive on today's market.

Our consultants can help you achieve your goals.

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We provide training to help your company work more smartly. Tailoring courses to the needs of our customers, Ecus identifies the appropriate level and adapts content by carrying out an analysis of needs, ensuring everyone receives the training they require. The time and place is chosen by you.

We provide customised training in the following areas:

  • Classification of products
  • Statistical value/customs value for import and export
  • Restrictions and sanctions
  • Origin of goods/preferences for export
  • Follow-up and internal monitoring
  • AEO projects
  • Customs warehousing

Our courses are primarily aimed at purchasers, sales representatives and other staff who come into contact with your company's import and export work-flow.