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For many companies, duty free warehousing is a means of boosting profitability, as import goods which are stored temporarily for sale to a customer in a third country are not subject to duty in the Community. It is also used by companies trading in seasonal products, or high-value products imported on few occasions which are subsequently sold on in smaller quantities.

Ecus can provide comprehensive customs warehousing solutions. Setting up a new customs warehouse is managed in project form, which includes calculation of profitability, whereupon our consultants assist with the preparation of application documentation, which also forms the basis of internal working procedures.

In addition, through our sister company, CPC, we can provide a comprehensive internet-based customs warehousing system which satisfies customs regulations in both Norway and Sweden. Customers can select whether to connect to Swedish Customs themselves or have the Ecus team process the relevant files through representation.

Our staff are available to help with any issue arising throughout the entire application process and ongoing management of customs warehousing.

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