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Ecus AB can provide assistance on all documentation required for trading both inside and outside the EU. Our office and customer service centre provide assistance with just about any issue related to purchasing, sales, inward processing or transport in the area of international trade.

Ecus also tracks developments at Swedish Customs and other key bodies, so we are always fully up to date on new legislation, regulations and simplification. With a wide range of services and expert staff, we are always ready to guide you through the complexities of customs regulations.

In addition, our round-the-clock service provides assistance with any issue related to border crossing.

We handle all types of customs documents required to cross the borders of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Intrastat is a system which gathers information and generates statistics relating to trade in goods between countries in the European Union (EU). Even though customs documentation is not mandatory within the EU, detailed reporting of trading activity is nevertheless required. Data is provided for goods, with the statistical numbers corresponding to those used during customs clearance.

Ecus provides assistance with the procedure for how, where and when to report Intrastat data to the statistics agencies, and if you wish, we can manage this process on your behalf.